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Seeking tailor-made coaching for goal-setting, action-planning, visualizing the future, actively moving step-by-step towards win/win solutions?

Lani Kwon, MA has over a two decades of experience in transformations life coaching, teaching, crisis counseling and public speaking and specializes in life redesign, before, during and after life transitions such as graduation, moving, career change, marriage, new baby, divorce, retirement, coming out, recovery, etc….  She can help you find your way through change.

International coaching one-on-one in-person, by phone, e-mail, text and/or videoconferencing available by appointment.

Complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your coaching needs.  Please confirm coaching before paying via PayPal.

One-on-One Coaching Packages Available:

Freedom Package $2495 + tax

includes 12 months text, e-mail, Skype, phone, and/or in-person coaching.

Go-For-It! Package $1595 + tax

includes 6 months text, e-mail, Skype, phone, and/or in-person coaching.

Starter Package $995 + tax

includes 90 days text, e-mail, Skype, phone, and/or in-person coaching.

Special 2019 Introductory Package  $555 + tax

Invest in yourself this year and receive an introductory special price of $555 for 3 coaching sessions, plus a bonus copy of Lani’s groundbreaking book,
The Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook.

International coaching one-on-one in-person, by phone, e-mail, text and/or videoconferencing available by appointment.

Complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your coaching needs.  Please confirm coaching before paying via PayPal.

or 1 (808) 594-7950 for more information.

Creating YOUR Calling® WORKSHOPS:

   kukui-center-92816  sedona-92316  IMG_1990DSCN0481

Envisioning OUR Ideal LivesGroup circle

Photos (top rows):  Happiness U “Soul Mates: Are They For Real?” 2/9/18; Quantum Institute Personal and Professional Development Classes February 2018 and July 2017; (middle rows):  Kukui Center “Work-Life Balance” 9/28/16 and Sedona at Ward Centre “Creating YOUR Calling®” 9/23/16;  Sedona at Ward Centre “Creating YOUR Calling®” 6/2/16; The Wellness Center “Creating YOUR Calling®” 4/9/16 and Primary Mortgage “Co-Coaching with Master Coaches Lani Kwon and Jeff Bow” 5/6/15; (bottom rows) Mindful Matters Kailua “Creating YOUR Calling®” 1/4/14 and Still & Moving Center “Creating YOUR Calling®” 11/23/13  To see all past events click here.

Reignite Your Resolutions!
Have your resolutions fallen by the wayside?  Have you given up on achieving that elusive goal?  Don’t give in!  Discover how to get back on track with easy-to-apply positive psychology research that will yield the results you want.
Soul Mates: Are They For Real?
Positive psychology science meets psychic “knowing.”  Are you looking for true love?  Which works better: online or speed dating, having friends and family intervene or searching on your own?  When you feel: “Yes, s/he’s the one!” How can you tell if it’s Divine guidance or ego? Which approaches to dating, courtship and keeping the spark alive are most effective?  Relationship questions will be answered, utilizing groundbreaking scientific research, an interactive worksheet and your own inner knowing.
Creating YOUR Calling®: How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission©
Are you certain that your life purpose involves more than just working, paying bills and living for the weekend?  Do you have some idea of what your passions are and how you can serve others with your mission?  Creating Your Calling encourages participants to envision, discover and apply their dreams, hopes and goals into a viable life mission and purpose and commit to making it happen.
Work-Life Balance©
Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill and someone has turned up the speed without telling you?  Do you feel overwhelmed or tired most of the time?  Do you wish that you could make more time for yourself and those you love?  You can learn to prioritize your time and create a better balance!  This interactive workshop will draw on scientific research from positive psychology researchers, as well as your own inner knowing and awareness of what might be holding you back from making those needed changes in your life.
Setting Intention, Choosing Priorities & Visualizing Goals©
Do you want a clearer sense of your priorities and how to make them happen?   Are your goals being given the attention they deserve?  This workshop incorporates a priorities exploration, vision collage and other inspiring and fun activities in an interactive, small group session to transform your life.
Emotional Balance, Mindful Movement & Relaxation©
Are you aware of how your body and emotions interact?  Do you want better control of your life?  This workshop utilizes an emotional balance exploration, mindful movements and relaxation techniques in a hands-on, small group session.
Community CoPOWERment©
Do you want to be part of something greater than yourself?  Do you long for meaningful connections with others?  If so, this workshop is for you!  Community CoPOWERment© focuses on aligning participants with like-minded/hearted/souled communities, using fun, interactive exercises and community resources in a small group session.

*Lani Kwon, MA can also tailor a workshop for your organization’s or company’s unique needs.

To attend a Creating YOUR Calling® Workshop and/or book Lani for One-on-One Professional Transitions Life Coaching click here.

Creating YOUR Calling® Professional Keynote Presentations:

 ymca-pacleaders-4   ymca-pacleaders-3
HiMA 4:5:16IMG_1969IMG_1970


Photos (top rows):  Professional Women’s Network “Cultivating Creativity” 7/27/17; (middle rows) YMCA PacLeaders “Effective Communication in the Workplace” at Iolani School 10/26/16; Hawaii Internet Marketers Association HiMA at Manoa Innovation Center 4/5/16; YWCA Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group at YWCA 8/13/15 (Note: women’s faces have been obscured to protect their privacy); (bottom rows) American Business Women’s Association ABWA Hawai’i Chapters’ Dinner at Japanese Cultural Center  9/10/14.  To see all past events click here.

Effective Communication in the Workplace©

Do you feel heard and respected in the workplace?  Would you like to have a better way to communicate with your bosses, colleagues and staff?  This interactive presentation focuses on how individuals can harness their personal and professional strengths and update any weaknesses in order to successfully navigate challenging communications in the workplace.  Includes a written Effective Communication in the Workplace© exploration and presentation on innovative positive psychology research related to empowerment and career advancement.
Making Work Meaningful©
Is your job fulfilling?  Do you want a career that challenges you but doesn’t drain you?  Are you ready for meaningful work?  This presentation utilizes a meaningful work written exploration and presentation on the groundbreaking positive psychology research related to bringing more joy into work, how to thrive in the workplace and finding your life mission.
Cultivating Creativity©
Do you want more innovative approaches to work and life?  Are you in need of a creativity boost?  This workshop incorporates a cultivating creativity written exploration and presentation on the cutting edge positive psychology research related to creativity: how to be creative in our everyday lives, what blocks our creativity and how to remove blocks to enhance it.
*Lani Kwon, MA can also tailor a keynote address or presentation for your organization’s or company’s unique needs.
To book Lani for your event click here.
Lani Kwon, MA makes every effort to accommodate and work within your conference and workshop budget.  She books her speaking engagements and workshops 3-24 months in advance. Lani also offers volume discounts on her book, The Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook: Embracing the Power of Positive Psychology, Healing Stories and Explorations to Create the Life You Want©, to be included in your conference and workshop amenity bags that are given to all attendees at orientation or registration.
Complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute consultation to discuss your company’s or organization’s needs.

Please call 1 (808) 594-7950 or email or

Professional Keynote Fee Schedule:

Non-Profit Organizations and Membership Groups
United States & Canada
$2,500 + tax USD*

$5,000 + tax USD*

Corporations and For-Profit Companies
United States & Canada
$5,000 + tax USD*

$10,000 + tax USD*

* Keynote address and workshop fees include airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and all other miscellaneous expenses.  This fee also includes preparatory interviews, so that Lani can customize her keynote presentation(s) and/or workshop(s) to meet your unique goals and the specific objectives of your meeting.

Additional savings are available if you select the Pre-Pay Option.  Ask for more details on this special.

To see all past events click here.

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