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Workshops and resources to help you co-create a better life as you embrace change and transformation

Work-Life Balance

Learn to prioritize your time and create a better balance! This interactive workshop will draw on scientific research from positive psychology researchers, as well as your own inner knowing and awareness of what might be holding you back from making those needed changes in your life.

Creating YOUR Calling

Creating YOUR Calling® encourages participants to envision, discover and apply their dreams, hopes and goals into a viable life mission and purpose and commit to making it happen.

Cultivating Creativity

This workshop incorporates a cultivating creativity written exploration and presentation on the cutting edge positive psychology research related to creativity: how to be creative in our everyday lives, what blocks our creativity and how to remove blocks to enhance it.

Making Work Meaningful

This interactive presentation utilizes written exploration and presentation on the groundbreaking positive psychology research related to bringing more joy into work, how to thrive in the workplace and finding your life mission.

Community CoPOWERment

Community CoPOWERment© focuses on aligning participants with like-minded/hearted/souled communities, using fun, interactive exercises and community resources in a small group session.

Keynotes & Presentations

Lani Kwon, MA can tailor a keynote address or presentation for your organization’s or company’s unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Basically, I provide clients with practical tools and resources for life re-design and transformation.  Since 2005 I have supported people in making changes, big and small, that they want to make in their own lives.

I specialize in coaching of pivotal transition moments in life, such as graduation, career change, pregnancy, adoption, divorce, moving, coming out, recovery from illness or injury, retirement, among others.  For me coaching is a process of facilitation, in which I offer encouragement, inspiration and step-by-step planning and sometimes challenge clients’ assumptions about what is possible.

Traditional psychotherapy often targets diagnosis and treatment or crisis management of mental illnesses.  Coaching is a holistic practice and focuses on all aspects of a person’s life, especially on what a client is interested in enhancing or improving in his or her life.  In other words, coaching fosters and encourages wellness.  Coaching is not psychotherapy, and I refer clients who may need therapy or other forms of counseling to appropriate resources in the community.

Life coaching is a process in which a client and coach are partners in exploring ideas and options and making plans, which a client may not have considered before and may wish to pursue in the future.  According to the ICF: “Coaches are trained to listen, to observe and to customize their approach to individual client needs.  They seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the client; they believe the client is naturally creative and resourceful.  The coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has.”

Transformational life coaching is not about pushing a client past his or her limits in a forceful or demanding way.  Rather, it is about active encouragement.  I utilize hands-on practices based in scientific positive psychological studies that build on a client’s strengths, practical yet fun explorations that allow clients to discover qualities about themselves that they may not have realized before and I offer support during challenging life transitions that will spark client’s own innate abilities to succeed.

I never cease to be inspired by my clients’ courage when facing challenges that have held them back from being happy and successful.  I work with people from all walks of life: graduates, moms and dads, body/mind/spirit practitioners, business people, retirees and others.  I love seeing each person come fully into their own power and realize that anything they are willing to work towards, and which is in alignment with the greater good, is possible.

Like many other body/mind/spirit practitioners, I know that what I do is a calling.  I was a crisis counselor, volunteer coordinator and teacher for many years, and what I found in all of these jobs was that I was really good at listening to others’ concerns and helping to support them in setting reachable goals and visualizing and realizing their dreams.  I specialize in transitions life coaching and life redesign.

Individuals and companies and organizations who choose to partner actively with me as their transitions life coach can expect to make positive changes in their lives during times of transition.  Previous clients have reported experiencing new perspectives on personal and professional challenges and opportunities, enhanced interpersonal and decision-making skills and a deeper understanding of their own motivations, as well as improved confidence when initiating changes in their interactions with others and in their chosen life goals.

I have over two decades of experience in transitions life coaching, crisis counseling, teaching, public speaking and writing, and in 2005 I combined these interests into a successful coaching practice.  In addition I am a Newfield Network® Graduate Coach (2011-2012), a graduate of Dr. Robert Holden’s Coach Camp (2016) and I have been a member of the International Coach Federation since 2006.  I participate in on-going trainings and conferences internationally.

Complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your company’s or organization’s needs.

Sliding scale payment plans and special savings are available.
Ask for more details 1 (808) 594-7950 and Lani@coPOWERment.com

"Since I am a fairly organized and goal-oriented person, in general, I wasn’t sure if I even needed coaching or what to expect from it.  Being open-minded, I know there’s always room for improvement and new learning opportunities. Working with Lani one-on-one at Creating CoPOWERment® has been instrumental in helping me fine-tune my life.  Together, we explored my present and future personal and professional goals, including all my hopes and fears associated.  Presently being part of the fitness industry my life is scheduled and time is limited.  Lani’s compassion, ability to listen and guidance has shown me how to better balance work and play with no guilt attached.  While looking ahead towards my long-term goals of traveling abroad, Lani’s expertise and support has helped me narrow my focus on making my dream become a reality one step at a time.  I am grateful for her kindness and wisdom. She has truly found her calling in life and made her passion a career."

Diana Wrobel
STOTT Pilates, TRX and Gyrotonic Method Instructor at 
Power Pilates Plus and Honolulu Club, Honolulu, HI

"Being coached one-on-one by Lani is like chatting with the kind of old friend who knows you so well that she hears what you’re NOT saying.  We identified several core beliefs that were holding me back and turned them around into powerful new statements that I use daily.  Her coaching isn’t just helpful; it’s inspired."

Clayton Gibson
Founder of MyOutSpirit.com and author of Shirt of Flame: The Secret Gay Art of War, Austin, TX

"I had just transitioned from a long-term job, that I initially enjoyed, to a new job, which I very quickly realized was not for me.  I came to Lani to help me understand my work transition, learn from it and find a path more aligned with my being.  I have learned more effectively how to articulate my motivations and boundaries to others.  While I still have a lot of growing to do, my Creating CoPOWERment® sessions have given me more perspective about myself and others.  I value most the practice of a still meditation, which was something I wasn't able to do for long before my sessions.  See a coach!  I recommend Lani because she has helped my find so many new facets of myself, and I feel empowered to move through with my life plan."

Vicky DeMercer

Past Master Control Operator at PBS and current Office Administrator; Future Wedding Officiate and Archeology Student
 Honolulu, HI

"Lani is a beautiful facilitator and knows how to guide individuals toward self-discovery and empowerment–and she makes it fun! Even after one workshop, I felt more confident about the transition I was making from being an attorney to becoming a minister. Today (9/18/11) I re-discovered my folder from attending her Creating CoPOWERment® Workshop in 2009, and I was so happy to see that the images I put on the cover of my folder are now being out-pictured in my life! I am so happy to be embodying those things that were only dreams and seemed so far away a year and a half ago. I am grateful to have attended her workshop."

Erin Fry, JD, RScP
Former Attorney and Current Interfaith Minister, Dallas, TX

"Lani Kwon is an incredible person. She is intelligent, intuitive, and exudes the most positive energy you can imagine. As her client, I have been able to see things more clearly and make the right choices for myself. What's amazing about Lani is that she coaches in a way that is a partnership. She guides you, never pushes you. The bottom line is that we are in control of our lives, so we have to make the best of every situation and opportunity. I cannot say enough about Lani's talent, abilities, and spirituality. She is someone who will help you become the best you can be."

Darlene Osterman
Vice President of Retain at Martin & MacArthur

"When you are ready to take that leap of faith and make that conscious shift to live the life you were created to live, Lani is the perfect guide and teacher.  At the end of your time with Lani you will be equipped to navigate your unique journey and all of the wonderful adventures life brings!"

Lily Harumi

Honolulu, HI

"This was a comfortable, supportive way to explore, with fellow seekers, possibilities for living more consciously and creatively.  Her years of classroom experience, coupled with her passion for personal growth, made Lani a capable, inspiring ‘midwife’ to aiding this process for all of us who participated."

Laurie White
MSW Filmmaker and Director, Zeitouna: Refusing to Be Enemies, Activist and Counselor, Ann Arbor, MI

"Lani is a well-versed and highly intelligent, not to mention, intuitive lady I admire on so many levels.  She is confident and accepting of all people.  You can’t go wrong with the positive force of nature.  I was very happy with my results."

Marilyn Darnell
Former Salesperson and Current Elder Caregiver, Brighton, MI

"Lani lives in Hawaii and is a life coach who focuses her work for people going through transitions such as job changes, divorce, relocation. She was a coach to me when I was going through quite a challenging time in my previous job. Even though I lived in London at the time, we were able to conduct our coaching sessions via Skype, which is of course one of the wonders of the high-speed connectivity of the world today. Lani is one of the people I find amazing for a variety of reasons. First of all she is a warm and generous person with a naturally supportive spirit. Her energy and enthusiasm for the creativity and purpose of other people inspires me, and has given me confidence in my own artistic endeavours. She is also a devoted mother and it is a joy to see her relationship and journey with her son, via Facebook. We have known each other for a number of years but have only met in person one time, she visited me in St Albans and we had a fantastic day, climbing the Clock Tower and visiting an exhibition I had worked on about superstitions. Her energy in person was infectious, she has a knack of making people feel good about themselves and the positives in their life while also providing useful tips, tools and support for them to start to deal with the negatives."

Adam Ditchburn
Designer at SDB 
Swanland, E Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom
, Management Consulting

"I was considering retirement from General Motors hourly employment after 30+ years.  I knew I would not, could not remain still for long.  I needed help in my inner search for what was just below the surface: my true nature and mission that God intended for me.  This type of quest is not for the bored or fearful.  Those signing up should already have a burning, nagging need, looking to focus on the blueprint for their true desires."

Former GM Employee and Current Reiki Practitioner, Ann Arbor, MI

"Get your priorities straight and take this workshop!  A terrific and thoughtful way to manage transitions.  Lani is a skillful guide."

Janis Paul

Massage Therapist, Rolfist, Eastern Michigan University Occupational Therapy Graduate, Ann Arbor, MI

"Doing an exercise like Lani’s Ideal Priorities/Purpose Exploration is invaluable in seeing where you are currently in your life. It’s a sobering realization when you see in black and white what you’re giving your time to, especially compared to what you think you want to be doing. In addition, I thought the images I would choose in the Vision Collage exercise would be about a new job but, instead, everything I chose focused on inner peace and happiness. I think that getting together with others who are experiencing the same desire to make transitions, as well as those who have successfully overcome such challenges, is invaluable. We realize we’re not alone and can get help identifying and working through our blocks. As a group, we can share solutions or just empathy. It was very empowering and comforting! Because of the awareness that Lani’s workshop gave me, I started a process of moving towards joy and release from stress and anxiety. I had the power to do this and it was my choice! I truly believe that this is how I got through the following six months and was calm enough to make different choices and attract a new job."

Amy B. Garber

Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Channel and Medium

"Visiting with Lani is like going to a sanctuary to nourish your inner most thoughts and being.  I’m glad I found her because she has been helping me find myself, my true happiness and what will make me thrive.  She is beaming with love, acceptance and positive motivation to grow and strengthen yourself, your community and the world.  She is amazingly intuitive and a very good listener.  I find myself saying “yet” more often and letting myself dream and put crazy things out there, with a stronger feeling that there is a possibility that they will happen.  I thank Lani for unleashing that freedom in me in a gentle way.  I’m used to being pushed and it was comforting to be stretched by her, but not pushed or told what to do.  I’m thankful that I attended the first and second workshops and later decided to sign on as a one-on-one client over the course of 2011.  The experience I had this past summer of 2013 really opened me up in a way I didn’t imagine.  I went back to my original vision boards and can now see a glimpse of how things unfolded in that last vision board."

Amy Swirsky
Mom, Spanish Teacher and Entrepreneur, Kaneohe, HI

"I highly recommend Lani Kwon, MA as a freelance wellness consultant and writer.  In 2008 she interviewed me for The Crazy Wisdom Journal.  Her on-point, yet open-ended questions produced an in-depth article that generated interest in my school.  Our relationship went forward to me joining a writing group of which Lani was part.  It was a wonderful learning experience, and I found Lani’s feedback to be inspiring and motivating, and my book is now closer to publication.  Lani also utilized my studio for her Creating YOUR Calling® transitions and transformations coaching.  Charged with the responsibility of opening and closing for her sessions, I always came back to the studio experiencing that Lani had left the environment energetically balanced and physically clean.  Anyone who develops a business or student relationship with Lani will find her to be well-grounded, creative, honest, caring and inspiring."

Master Wasentha Young
T’ai Chi Master and Wellness Consultant, Peaceful Dragon School, Ann Arbor, MI

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