The Creating CoPOWERment 

Embracing the Power of Positive Psychology, Healing Stories and Explorations to Create the Life You Want



The Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook encourages readers to explore choices, visualize outcomes and set priorities.  This workbook is informal and informative, never preachy.  It provides readers with the shared true-life stories of past Creating CoPOWERment® clients and body-mind-spirit practitioners, balanced with the scientific results of positive psychology studies conducted over the past 30+ years in the areas of optimism, self-compassion, goal-setting, meaningful work and success.  Thought-provoking hands-on explorations at the end of each chapter support readers in discovering their motivations and ideals in planning step-by-step how to change their own lives for the better.

What is CoPOWERment?

Creating CoPOWERment® is a phrase the author coined to describe the empowering interactions that take place when people going through life transitions come together in groups or partnered one-on-one in professional coaching relationships.  People who have participated in Creating CoPOWERment® have reported that they are able to identify better life options when they have an opportunity to share their experiences, beliefs and resources with others.

In this book you will discover:

  • What motivates you and how to use your strengths to create the life you want.
  • How your unexamined thoughts and beliefs are holding you back from achieving  your goals.
  • How to transform obstacles into lessons and markers of success.
  • How to find and align with like-minded-hearted-souled allies, organizations and  communities.
  • What your life purpose really is and step-by-step how to get there.

"One of the most interesting disconnects in we humans is the degree to which we admire wisdom and yet lack methodologies and practices to learn wisdom. In effect our strategy is to hope wisdom finds us. Lani’s workbook fills this gap practically and simply. The question isn’t do I have wisdom? but rather do I have wisdom available? I see the work offered in Lani’s workbook to be a practical course in developing our access to our own wisdom. Do you have the wisdom to take up wisdom as a practice?"

Dan Newby
Senior Course Leader, Newfield Network,

"We are often brainwashed by society and the media into thinking that we have to be successful and have no problems, else we are failures. In Lani’s wonderful Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook, she reminds us of the downside of holding it all in and pretending it doesn’t exist, as well as the upside of examining our issues and coming to terms with them. When you read this book and do the exercises, you will move closer to showing up in the world as your Authentic Self, and accept the flawed, imperfect, and glorious human being that is you! That, in my opinion, is the most direct path to real and lasting Happiness."

Jim Smith
PCC Author of Happiness at the Speed of Life

"I resonate with Lani Kwon’s Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook which is ‘living,’ creating meaning, more self-love and joy. The stories she shares of her own and others’ experiences of transition allow the reader to discover why this process is important and how change and growth are possible. I LOVE that she starts the book with awareness, as this is where all life begins. The exercises are simple and powerful."

Mary Anne Flanagan
Toning the OM

"You’re not alone. Only you can do it.’ Lani’s Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook hinges on balancing personal responsibility with an awareness of interdependence. Nobody can build the life of your dreams for you, and, at the same time, your dream life needs to be constructed in harmony with others. Lani has done the hard work of filtering out what works. Follow your own inner knowing with this skillful guide."

Clayton Gibson
Founder of and Author of Shirt of Flame: The Secret Gay Art of War

"The Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook is quite simply a calling: an invitation to your authentic self, to live your life with more meaning and joy. Lani writes elegantly as she shares many personal stories designed to give you insights and light your way. She acts as your guide as you journey deep within the tapestry of your life to find what makes you truly come alive. This is your life, and Lani’s work will help you to build a life that really resonates."

Jayne Warrilow
Author of The Secret Language of Resonance

This transformative & inspiring book coming in Spring 2021!

Brand new chapters and interviews with international body-mind-spirit experts, clients and groundbreaking positive psychology research into: Cultivating Creativity, True Grit: Harnessing Your Intuition and Logical Mind for the Long Haul, Edgewalking: Dealing with Difficulty…Even Death, Social Media: Tool for Empowered Interconnectedness or Propaganda Weapon, and Being a World Citizen.


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