Coming in 2021! Creating YOUR Calling®: How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission©

Jan 10, 2020


Advance Praise for Creating YOUR Calling®:

“Creating YOUR Calling® is a life-altering book! Lani Kwon, MA’s decades of coaching, writing, research and public speaking experience are what you need to transform your life.”
––Lyla B. Berg, Ph.D., Former Hawai‘i State Representative and Author of Leaving the Gilded Cage


“Creating YOUR Calling®: How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission offers practical advice that will help anyone looking to live a more authentic life and tackle daily obstacles. The colorful stories from Lani’s personal and professional experiences that are drizzled throughout the book make the book engaging and real. Not only will people read it cover to cover, they will earmark pages and refer back to them time and again.”

––Beckie Kowalski, MS, Publisher, Natural Awakenings Hawai‘i


“I’ve known Lani Kwon, MA for almost ten years, and she never fails to surprise and inspire me. Her work is uplifting yet practical. Her most recent book, Creating YOUR Calling®, will change your life.”

––Lori Chaffin, Publisher of The Hawai‘i Wellness Directory, Magazine and Network, Author and Editor of the book series Messages Straight from the Heart


“‘You’re not alone. Only you can do it.’ Lani’s Creating YOUR Calling® hinges on balancing personal responsibility with an awareness of interdependence. Nobody can build the life of your dreams for you, and, at the same time, your dream life needs to be constructed in harmony with others. Lani has done the hard work of filtering out what works. Follow your own inner knowing with this skillful guide.”
––Clayton Gibson, Founder of and Author of Shirt of Flame: The Secret Gay Art of War


“Lani is an amazingly inspiring and compassionate coach. She has an incredible drive to help her clients through the transitions of life. You can always be assured that Lani will be fully present, committing all of her energy to what she co-creates with her clients so that every action and interaction is maximized. Lani’s dedicated work on Creating YOUR Calling® is another testament to her passion and determination to serve.”

––Karen Davis, Executive and Personal Coach, Karen Davis Coaching


“We are often brainwashed by society and the media into thinking that we have to be successful and have no problems, else we are failures. In Lani’s wonderful Creating YOUR Calling®, she reminds us of the downside of holding it all in and pretending it doesn’t exist, as well as the upside of examining our issues and coming to terms with them. When you read this book, and do the exercises, you will move closer to showing up in the world as your Authentic Self, and accept the flawed, imperfect and glorious human being that is you! That, in my opinion, is the most direct path to real and lasting Happiness.”
––Jim Smith, PCC, author of Happiness at the Speed of Life 


“Lani’s book really puts into perspective the importance of understanding life purpose which help to identify one’s calling. The exercises are practical and relevant. She always seems to know how to meet people exactly where they are to help them get where they want to be. I am planning to start a mastermind group, and we will be reading her book and doing the assignments. Thank you for following your dreams and making them reality.”

––Katrina Jones, Prosperity Life Coach 


“Creating YOUR Calling® is quite simply an invitation to your authentic self, to live your life with more meaning and joy. Lani writes elegantly as she shares many personal stories designed to give you insights and light your way. She acts as your guide as you journey deep within the tapestry of your life to find what makes you truly come alive. This is your life, and Lani’s work will help you to build a life that really resonates.”
––Jayne Warrilow, Bestselling Author of The 10-Day Coaches MBA, 


“Lani is a gifted author. In Creating YOUR Calling®: How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission, Lani brilliantly weaves her personal stories with profound life lessons and powerful exercises. She invites us to go deep within so that we can express the truth of who we are with the world. This book is essential for those interested in greatly enhancing their quality of life.”
––Candace Thoth, Spiritual Life Coach


“Creating YOUR Calling® will be a revelation to anyone grappling with the huge questions of purpose and calling. Lani skillfully blends humor and grace into a direct approach that gets right to the heart of the matter. This isn’t simply a book to read, it’s an experience to have. Play full out with the exercises. Dive deep, write it all down, and be prepared to welcome magic into your life.”

––Jennifer Lynch, Adventure Blogger and Author of Fuck Cancer!: A Tale of Love Pouring in From Every Angle


“...In my thirty years as a coach, I have learned that embracing the power of satisfaction, gratitude and the act of serving others are essential aspects in living a good life. You can never truly be yourself without the joy of serving others. You can never be satisfied without connecting with otherness and living with gratitude. In spite of the powerful cultural forces that predicate dissatisfaction as an economic engine, there is a deep part of your soul that knows differently. That part of you knows the essence of gratitude and the magic of living a meaningful life. We must recover the sacredness in our daily lives. We must recover our sense of connectivity with one another and nature. Read Lani’s book. There you will find a sweet invitation.

––Julio Olalla, Founder of Newfield Network


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