Lani Kwon, MA 

“I believe in each person’s potential to make better choices, live an empowered life and to interconnect with others to make the world a better place for all.”
–Lani Kwon, MA
Founder and CEO of Creating YOUR Calling® LLC

Lani Kwon, MA, Founder and CEO of Creating YOUR Calling® LLC, provides clients with step-by-step tools and resources for life transformation and re-design.  She has over two decades of experience in teaching, writing, crisis counseling, public speaking and life coaching, and she combined these interests into a successful coaching practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2005.  Now back home in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, she offers professional keynote speeches, presentations and workshops for small groups, companies and non-profit organizations.  

She writes regularly for Natural Awakenings Hawaii and is a member of the teaching faculties at Happiness U at SALT Kaka’ako and Sedona Hawaii at Ward Centre.  She provides  one-on-one coaching worldwide, and she reads Divine guidance oracle deck cards weekly on Tuesdays from 4:15-7:45 p.m. and Saturdays 4:30-8:30 p.m. and for special events, such as the Ward Centre Flash Readings for Sedona and Body Mind Spirit Expo with Sedona and Natural Awakenings.

Lani serves and supports people going through many types of life changes, such as: graduation, career change, identity crisis, coming out, moving, marriage, divorce, pregnancy, recovery, and retirement, among others.  Lani has served as a transformative life coach since 2005 and professional keynote speaker since 2013.


Women’s Empowerment Workshop at Good Vibe Center August 11, 2018 organized by: Randi Lee

Lani trained with international coaching school Newfield Network (2011-2012) and Dr. Robert Holden’s Coach Camp (2016) and has been a member of the International Coach Federation since 2006.  

International coach federation

  newfield network

She has also trained as a Nia Technique® Instructor and earned White (2014), Blue (2017) and Green (2018) belts, as well as a Moving to Heal certificate (2018) in that practice.  Lani is also a registered yoga teacher RYT through Yoga Alliance and Adi Shakti Yoga School (January 2018).  In March 2018, she trained in New York City in the MELT Foot and Hand Method, a guided self-healing technique that renews, rehydrates and revitalizes connective tissue, which allows for pain relief and pain prevention.  (Click here for a recent Scientific American article about ground-breaking research on connective tissue in the Interstitium System connective tissue.) She teaches wellness classes at studios throughout Oahu.

MELT Method for Hands and Feet at Impact Hub Honolulu‘s Wellness Wednesdays hosted by Awakened Mana.


Nia Technique Green Belt Graduation at Still & Moving Center
September 2018
with Winalee Zeeb, Instructor

Hatha Yoga 200-Hour training at Still & Moving Center
via Adi Shakti Yoga School with Claudia Castor

MELT Method Hand and Foot Technique Graduation March 2018

Lani is a writer and has had multiple non-fiction, poetry and fiction publications, including:

Lani is working on a series of online courses: Creating YOUR Calling®: How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission© due to be published in 2019.

Lani Kwon, MA; 1 (808) 594-7950;

The Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook: Embracing the Power of Positive Psychology, Healing Stories and Explorations to Create the Life You Want© was published in September 2013 by Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House, Inc. and is available at Amazon, B&N and fine independent bookstores such as Sedona at Ward Centre and Still & Moving Center in Honolulu, as well as Bookends in Kailua.  Also the following locations in the continental U.S. and Canada: click here.

Creating YOUR Calling book

The transformative and inspiring online course
coming soon!

Creating YOUR Calling®:
How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission ©2019

The transformative and inspiring book coming in Fall 2020!


Brand new chapters and interviews with international body-mind-spirit experts, clients and groundbreaking positive psychology research into: Cultivating Creativity, True Grit: Harnessing Your Intuition and Logical Mind for the Long Haul, Edgewalking: Dealing with Difficulty…Even Death, Social Media: Tool for Empowered Interconnectedness or Propaganda Weapon?, and Being a World Citizen.

Advance Praise for Creating Your Calling:

“Creating Your Calling is a life-altering book! Lani Kwon, MA’s decades of coaching, writing, research and public speaking experience are what you need to transform your life.”
Lyla B. Berg, Ph.D., Hawai‘i State Representative and Author of Leaving the Gilded Cage

Creating YOUR Calling®: How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission offers practical advice that will help anyone looking to live a more authentic life and tackle daily obstacles. The colorful stories from Lani’s personal and professional experiences that are drizzled throughout the book make the book engaging and real. Not only will people read it cover to cover, they will earmark pages and refer back to them time and again.”

Beckie Kowalski, MS, Publisher, Natural Awakenings Hawai‘i

Creating YOUR Calling® will be a revelation to anyone grappling with the huge questions of purpose and calling. Lani skillfully blends humor and grace into a direct approach that gets right to the heart of the matter. This isn’t simply a book to read, it’s an experience to have. Play full out with the exercises. Dive deep, write it all down, and be prepared to welcome magic into your life.”

Jennifer Lynch, Adventure Blogger and Authorof Fuck Cancer!:A Tale of Love Pouring in From Every Angle

Creating YOUR Calling®is quite simply an invitation to your authentic self, to live your life with more meaning and joy. Lani writes elegantly as she shares many personal stories designed to give you insights and light your way. She acts as your guide as you journey deep within the tapestry of your life to find what makes you truly come alive. This is your life, and Lani’s work will help you to build a life that really resonates.”
Jayne Warrilow, Bestselling Author of The 10-Day Coaches MBA

“In my thirty years as a coach, I have learned that embracing the power of satisfaction, gratitude and the act of serving others are essential aspects in living a good life. You can never truly be yourself without the joy of serving others. You can never be satisfied without connecting with otherness and living with gratitude. In spite of the powerful cultural forces that predicate dissatisfaction as an economic engine, there is a deep part of your soul that knows differently. That part of you knows the essence of gratitude and the magic of living a meaningful life. We must recover the sacredness in our daily lives. We must recover our sense of connectivity with one another and nature. Read Lani’s book. There you will find a sweet invitation.

Julio Olalla, Founder of Newfield Network


Lani was on book tour in the continental U.S. and Canada in 2013-2016.
To view past book tour events and photo galleries click here.

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Lani Kwon, MA
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