Are You Going Through Transition?

Graduation, Career Change, Moving,

Pregnancy, Identity Crisis, Conflict

Resolution, Coming Out, Divorce, Recovery,

Retirement, etc…?


Do you know what your life purpose is, but are not yet sure how to make it happen step-by-step?

Do you want support and useful yet fun practices that will help you to create a successful, empowered and joyful life?

Are you courageous, willing and ready to transform your life
for the better?



Set Your Intentions, Choose Your


Priorities and Transform Your Life! 





Lani Kwon, MA of Creating YOUR Calling® LLC has over two decades of experience in supporting people worldwide to achieve their highest potentials, and she has been a professional life coach and speaker for over 10 years.  She has trained with world-renowned coaching school Newfield Network (2011-2012) and Dr. Robert Holden’s Coach Camp (2016) and has been a member of the International Coach Federation since 2006.  She specializes in life redesign and transformation.


Creating YOUR Calling® Professional Keynote Presentations
and Workshops:


Wondering why you’re here?
What is your life purpose and how you can make a difference in the world?
Creating YOUR Calling® will support you in discovering, uncovering and recovering your life purpose.


Creating YOUR Calling® WORKSHOPS:


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Lani at HappinessU  Books at Happiness UVicky DeMercer at Happiness U  Workshop at Happiness UDSCN0258  Envisioning OUR Ideal Lives  Camarillo 6  IMG_5349

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IMG_6466  DSCN0411Photos of Creating YOUR Calling® Workshops: Sedona at Ward Centre 6/10/16; Happiness U 5/27/16; Hawaii Pacific University Hawaii Loa Campus, Honolulu, HI 2/12/14; Mindful Matters, Kailua, HI 1/4/14; Mrs. Fig’s Bookworm, Camarillo, CA 11/7/13; In Other Words Feminist Community Center, Portland, OR 5/24/14; (2nd to bottom row) Still & Moving Center 11/23/13; Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room, Ann Arbor, MI 6/4/14; Awakening in Paradise, Kihei, Maui 9/11/14

Creating YOUR Calling®: How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission©
encourages participants to envision, discover and apply their dreams, hopes and goals into a viable life mission and purpose and commit to making it happen.
Setting Intention, Choosing Priorities & Visualizing Goals©
incorporates a priorities exploration, vision collage and other inspiring and fun activities in an interactive, small group session to transform your life.
Emotional Balance, Mindful Movement & Relaxation©
utilizes an emotional balance exploration, mindful movements and relaxation techniques in a hands-on, small group session.
Community CoPOWERment©
focuses on aligning participants with like-minded/hearted/souled communities, using fun, interactive exercises and community resources in a small group session.

*Lani Kwon, MA can also tailor a workshop for your organization’s or company’s unique needs. 

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Creating YOUR Calling® Professional Keynotes:


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Photos (top row):  Hawaii Internet Marketers Association HiMA 4/5/16; YWCA Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group 8/13/15 (Note: women’s faces have been obscured to protect their privacy); (middle row) American Business Women’s Association ABWA Hawai’i Chapters’ Dinner 9/10/14 and (bottom row) National Association for Professional Women NAPW Honolulu Chapter gathering 7/23/14

Creating YOUR Calling®: Personal and Professional Transformation for Navigating Challenges in the Workplace©

focuses on how individuals can harness their personal and professional strengths and update any weaknesses in order to successfully navigate challenging situations in the workplace.  Includes a written Creating YOUR Calling® exploration and presentation on innovative positive psychology research related to empowerment and advancement.
Making Work Meaningful©
utilizes a meaningful work written exploration and presentation on the groundbreaking positive psychology research related to bringing more joy into work, how to thrive in the workplace and finding your life mission.
Cultivating Creativity©
incorporates a cultivating creativity written exploration and presentation on the cutting edge positive psychology research related to creativity: how to be creative in our everyday lives, what blocks our creativity and how to enhance it.
*Lani Kwon, MA can also tailor a keynote address or presentation for your organization’s or company’s unique needs. 
To book Lani for your event click here.


Lani Kwon, MA makes every effort to accommodate and work within your conference and workshop budget.  She books her speaking engagements and workshops 3-24 months in advance. Lani also offers volume discounts on her book, The Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook: Embracing the Power of Positive Psychology, Healing Stories and Explorations to Create the Life You Want©, to be included in your conference and workshop amenity bags that are given to all attendees at orientation or registration.
Complimentary, no-obligation 60-90 minute consultation to discuss your company’s or organization’s needs.

Please call 1 (808) 594-7950 or email


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One-on-One Creating YOUR Calling® Professional Coaching Worldwide:

Seeking tailor-made coaching for goal-setting, action-planning, visualizing the future, actively moving step-by-step towards win/win solutions?
Lani Kwon, MA has over two decades of experience in transitions life coaching, teaching, crisis counseling and public speaking and specializes in life redesign, before, during and after life transitions such as graduation, moving, career change, marriage, new baby, divorce, retirement, coming out, recovery, etc….  She can help you find your way through change.
International coaching one-on-one in-person, by phone, e-mail, text and/or videoconferencing available by appointment.
Complimentary, no-obligation 60-90 minute initial consultation regarding your coaching needs.
One-on-One Coaching Fee Schedule click here
Contact or 1 (808) 594-7950 for more information.

                                           Creating YOUR Calling book



The transformative and inspirational book coming in 2017!

Creating YOUR Calling®:
How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission ©2015


Seven brand new chapters and interviews with international body-mind-spirit experts and groundbreaking positive psychology research into: Cultivating Creativity, Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit Fitness, Edgewalking: Dealing with Difficulty…Even Death, Social Media as a Tool for Empowered Interconnectedness, Social Entrepreneurs, Using Your Intuition and Being a World Citizen.



Advance Praise for Creating Your Calling®:
“Free yourself of past mistakes and false beliefs. Creating Your Calling rewires old patterns, creates new pathways and allows you to create your own future. Lani Kwon, MA, knows her stuff.”
Patrick Snow, International Bestselling Author of Boy Entrepreneur, The Affluent Entrepreneur and Creating Your Own Destiny,


Creating Your Calling is a life-altering book! Lani Kwon, MA’s decades of coaching, writing, research and public speaking experience are what you need to transform your life.”
Lyla B. Berg, Ph.D., Hawai‘i State Representative and Author of Leaving the Gilded Cage,


“I’ve known Lani over five years, and she never fails to surprise and inspire me. Her work is uplifting yet practical. Creating Your Calling will change your life.”
Lori Chaffin, Publisher, The Hawaii Wellness Directory, Magazine and Network,
Author and Editor of the series: Messages Straight From the Heart,


Original workbook published @BalboaPress, a Division @HayHouse in 2013 and available online at Amazon, B&N, Balboa Press websites in hardcover, softcover and EBook versions and independent bookstores in Hawaii, the continental U.S. and Canada.


The Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook


Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in fine independent bookstores in the U.S. and Canada.

To see past book signings, speaking engagements and other events click here.


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